Project Management

Going Over Data


Experience makes a difference

Bardwrite’s project managers ensure the smooth running of projects and deal promptly and efficiently with any client concerns. Our project managers carefully monitor all aspects of a project to ensure that deadlines are met and that extra resources are made available if needed. All of Bardwrite’s project managers have worked as technical writers or editors and have an in-depth understanding of the documentation process. They can manage any one part of the documentation cycle or take ownership of the entire process.

  • Scheduling resources, tasks, deliverables, and dependencies

  • Controlling budgets

  • Managing client relationships

  • Liaising with engineering, marketing, customer support, and localisation teams

  • Staying in close contact with writers and editors

  • Ensuring that all deliverables meet strict quality standards

  • Identify the contribution being made by Technical Publications to the company’s overall goals. Present this information in graphical, management-friendly slides for senior management.


Our purpose-built technical writing project management platform, Docforce, provides valuable project insights through workflow management and detailed resource and budgeting analytics. Docforce utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase project efficiency and provide world-class technical writing talent to all projects, regardless of size or budget.