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Technical writing for projects of any size, any media

Bardwrite offers planning, writing, editing, and management services for software and hardware documentation projects. Our team of highly skilled writers and project managers works closely with clients, throughout the entire project life cycle, to evaluate their documentation requirements, plan the scope and schedule of the documentation, and deliver high-quality documentation in a timely manner.


  • Planning documentation requirements for a new product, a new suite of products, or their follow-on releases

  • Scoping, scheduling, and budgeting documentation projects

  • Analysing and designing documentation and information architecture

  • Designing and converting documentation templates

  • Compiling company style guides and word reference lists

  • Updating or rewriting existing documentation suites

  • Writing new documentation suites

  • Developing online help (WinHelp, HTML Help, Web Help, Java Help, etc.)

  • Creating single-source content

  • Ensuring that content is accurate and well-edited

  • Ensuring that content can be internationalised and localised

  • Managing the documentation process from end to end

  • Training personnel at the client site